Steps to Overcome Pornography during Lockdown

Tava-Mitram presents 5 steps to overcome pornography to embrace a new life. Read for more!


Why porn addiction is not the answer to your problems…

The coronavirus lockdown has given a new set of problems to many. Dating lives have crashed as every single task that requires collaboration has shifted online. Digital communication seems to be the only method to stay in touch. As the loneliness increases, so does porn addiction during a lockdown.

A report by NGO India Child Protection Fund (ICPF) mentioned in a prominent publication highlighted the consumption of child pornography to have spiked up by 95% during the lockdown phase in India.

Internet porn addiction is rising at an alarming rate with addiction to technology being high in the isolation phase.

What is Porn Addiction? How much is too much?


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A controversial subject indeed! This can often be defined as an uncontrollable desire to view pornography which affects one’s personal life. An addiction means this habit is now becoming problematic and resulting in unwanted behavior. The ease of which you can begin watching porn at the click of a button makes it an even more difficult habit to get rid of. Porn addiction may also be a part of compulsive behavior as both are difficult to stop (but it’s not impossible as we’ll see).


A person who views porn at regular intervals cannot be labeled as an addict. Unstoppable behavior is a sign of porn addiction.

Signs of Porn Addiction


  • You find yourself constantly plugging in to watch porn
  • You sense a guilty feeling
  • You are obsessed to the point of ignoring your daily responsibilities
  • You have unrealistic expectations from your partner to ‘perform’, you want the same fantasies translated in your private space, you seek to carry these beliefs and inject them into ‘normal sexual behavior’
  • You love the high while watching porn and constantly seek this high (Dopamine reminds you of this pleasure giving you the bait of a reward)
  • Sexual intercourse cannot begin without porn
  • You lose interest in sexual intercourse and prefer watching porn (You miss the real deal!)


And, most importantly, you cannot stop even if you want to...

Why is Porn Addictive? 

Different reasons make porn addictive for different people. During the lockdown blues, people may experience -


  • Extreme stress
  • Loneliness due to isolation
  • Depression
  • Difficulties in relationships with partner
  • Too much time on hand
  • The need to seek an escapist route
  • The ease of access on a device via an Internet connection


What are the negative effects of porn addiction?


  • Lack of interest in building real relationships
  • Extremely low relationship quality
  • Anger, depression
  • Low self-esteem
  • Poor performance at work


How to Overcome Porn Addiction?

To stop watching porn requires one to accept that there is an addiction problem. One needs to step away from feeling shameful towards embracing a new life in a better direction.

1. Build real connections

It’s natural to stay connected with people through digital mediums. In a fast-paced, it’s even more natural to be immersed online than the real world. Plan to use the lockdown period to build real connections. Connect with friends, family, and colleagues and indulge in real conversations.

2. Make a plan

Try building a success plan throughout the week. Build small goals. It can be as simple as doing household chores. Choose an activity to divert your energy when you feel the urge to watch porn. Write down your goals and plan steps towards these goals.

3. Hold yourself accountable

Remind yourself of your responsibilities, goals, and plans. Build your accountability levels towards yourself. If needed, talk to a close friend and make someone else hold you accountable as well. Delete all the hard and soft copies of pornographic content, install anti-porn software. Raise your thought awareness levels.

4. Identify your triggers

Why is porn addiction your central focus? Is there some trigger internally or externally that is drawing you towards this habit? You may be stressed, lonely, tired, depressed. Are there any unmet needs? How can you ensure your needs are met? Excessive porn addiction is sometimes used as a coping strategy by those who cannot find any way to adapt to their state of mind. By practicing mindfulness meditation, yoga, exercise, praying, painting, or dancing, you bring yourself towards a healthy form of coping strategies in life.

5. Talk to a professional

You embrace a new set of thinking where you realize the addiction to porn does nothing for your mental and physical health.

It’s one of the surest methods to overcome porn addiction. Professionals partner with you towards porn addiction recovery. They work towards rebooting and reprogramming your brain to stop you from being attracted to this form of artificial sexual stimulation. They work towards changing the reward circuits you have associated with your brain with porn addiction. You embrace a new set of thinking where you realize the addiction to porn does nothing for your mental and physical health. You get a deeper understanding of the causes behind the addiction with the knowledge to develop the right coping mechanisms.

Porn Addiction Help

If you are wondering how to stop porn addiction and where to find a professional, we are here to help.

  1. Register with Tava-Mitram. We are a not-for-profit working towards building mental strength through group coaching methods. Sessions are free of cost and confidential by nature. We work with trained professionals known as Mitra Coaches (volunteers). Sessions are conducted online and offline.
  2. Talk to a Mental Strength Professional. They are highly trained in the areas of counseling and coaching. MSPs offer online and offline counseling sessions for porn addiction, stress, worry, depression, and more. Book your appointment here. You can also call: +91 9055565758.

Remember, a trained professional will help you overcome porn addiction to detach you from this fantasy world and false coping strategy. You will break free to build real relationships that bring physical and emotional happiness to your mind, body, and soul.

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