Mental Health Awareness Campaign: What is your Priority?

Making mental health a priority for all


John couldn’t stop the tears from flowing. He peered out of the window, the skies were painted in a dull grey. He felt overwhelmed. “It’s been months, I can’t get over my grief,” he thought. He mulled over his depressed self and the mind oscillated from wanting to live to giving it up altogether. He clutched his dairy till the feeling passed away. A wave of relief washed over him. He lay down on his bed knowing this would repeat again.

John suffered from depression and he was hardly aware about it. One fine day he walked out to the dismay of his family. They never could trace him.

John could have been saved. Depression is curable.

As per the data submitted by WHO, one in every 4 people suffer from mental health issues. That’s a total of 450 million people with mental illness.


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There are millions of people like John across the globe. Some have severe anxiety, suffer from self-esteem, poor confidence, emptiness, and more. They are unable to meet their goals, feel less deserving, and don’t think life is worth living. These millions continue to trudge their feet and move as per the hands of the clock - living a robotic life with no sense of joy. They resign to this situation. “There’s no way out!” is a story they tell themselves.


These stories are repeated stories. Passed on from generations. That ‘talking about mental health is a no-no’. An attempt to build mental health is a ‘sign of weakness’. There is something ‘wrong’ with them. And, success is inevitable for them.

What does this mean? Lack of knowledge or access to resources acts as a problem to develop awareness in mental health. Besides, there’s always a taboo associated with mental health and illness.

Importance of Mental Health Awareness

Awareness is the next step towards educating yourself. The topic of mental health often faces a stigma with people suffering from mental illnesses finding no space to share their stories. Often, such cases go undetected and may result in severe consequences if not handled well on time.

Imbibing information on mental health from credible sources is the need of the hour to erase the stigma. As one’s physical health is important with exercise and diet playing a crucial role, mental health needs attention, too. Hence, there are exclusive tools and techniques that are designed to raise mental health awareness while giving one the space to understand the emotions of self and others around.

Mental health awareness has benefits as well. Knowledge is power and this power gives you the chance to stop the discrimination and avoid neglect towards self-care. You are what you feel, and a lot of your physical health is determined by what is going on in the mind.

In order to raise mental health awareness, Tava-Mitram has launched the “My Mental Health, My Priority” campaign which is a free certification program.


What’s in it for you?


  1. 12 video series on subjects related to mental health
  2. Authentic information - useful to educate self, family, friends, colleagues
  3. Easy-to-understand format
  4. Learn about depression, building self-confidence, and important tools of *Transactional Analysis by Eric Berne
  5. Be an expert communicator with self (through your thoughts)
  6. Learn to achieve your goals, improve focus
  7. Be able to stand strong amidst storms
  8. Improved ability to manage emotions

Most importantly, this education is absolutely free of cost! You receive a badge at the end of the certification.

*Transactional Analysis gives you in-depth information to resolve emotional issues. You understand yourself through different Ego-states while learning about Life Positions that determine your destination. And the best thing is, if you are unhappy, you can change your direction with the knowledge you learn!

Why should you join?


Awareness is the next step towards educating yourself.

Your mental health should always be your priority. You learn to navigate through the complexities of life while developing an expanded view of your thought patterns. You no longer create repeated results that bring stress. You focus on adding value by making decisions suitable for your life - thus getting the results you desire! You no longer have to be the next ‘John’. You have a choice to look up, lift yourself, and move to a better life.


How can you join?

Click on the link here, and register your details. You will be provided an OTP. Kindly complete the registration process to launch the “My Mental Health, My Priority” Campaign.

You can watch the videos at your own pace. Each video is followed by a short quiz which then takes you to the next video. Upon successful completion of each video, you will receive a “My Mental Health, My Priority” badge that denotes the completion of your certification.

Tava-Mitram aims to reach the 5 million mark worldwide in the mental health campaign. Your registration is important for us to reach our cherished dream of empowering millions, worldwide.

We hope our efforts in spreading mental health awareness resonate with you. We are looking forward to viewing your name on our registration list! Please share our campaign details with your friends and family.

So, are you with us to make your Mental Health, a priority for You?

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