Importance of Group Coaching Sessions for an Emotionally Strong India

We work on strengthening emotions and be that non-judgmental friend


Aisha was a quiet child. Lately, her mother noticed Aisha no longer showed an inclination to go to school. She often wept and expressed intense anger. Clueless, her mother could not connect with this strange behavior. Raised amidst a modest background, her parents had little knowledge and financial support to resolve the issue. The child further entered into a shell.

We know many such children who may be silently expressing their innermost fears through intense anger, depression, or lack of interest. We may have even been one of them. The youth of our country is currently facing an emotional upheaval - there are unrealistic standards to be achieved on social media, high expectations from parents, lack of actual connections between people, and lack of trust and space to be vulnerable and display their real side.

Our country had ranked at number 1 position as the Most Depressed Country in the world on mental health day (2018). This is definitely not a feat to be proud of. Emotional strength is rarely talked about as an issue with lack of awareness in this area. To strengthen mental health is not considered a priority leading to many individuals suffering at an early age, without having any knowledge as to the ‘why’ or ‘what’ of it. They grow up to be insecure, depressed, lonely, rejected, and lack self-esteem.

As a coach, I’ve witnessed growth amongst the toughest cases bearing testimony to the fact that yes, there is hope. Yes, things will change. Our motive of founding Tava-Mitram was to create a safe space for the less-fortunate - those who do not have access to coaching and are looking to rebuild their lives. 

What is most important here?

The desire to improve, the desire to step out of the comfort zone that we have built around us. The understanding that this is temporary and yes, it hurts. Even then, a person needs to move on to carve their own journey by bringing back lost confidence. The person needs to ask themselves, “How to be emotionally strong?” Only then can they find an answer.

How do we achieve it?

Tava-Mitram has always believed in the power of coaching, and we’ve made it stronger by holding group coaching sessions. We believe this is a smarter route where coaching maybe formal or informal but what matters are the meaningful interactions.


The Power of Group Coaching


Group coaching breaks the first problem-area of isolation.

At Tava-Mitram, we leverage the power of group coaching to a whole new level. This is all based on a collective effort. We have a fantastic number of trained coaches who volunteer to work with the less fortunate. Ours is a small group that comes together twice a month for 3 months. We have a facilitator who is a professional coach and everyone is encouraged to share their problem-areas while pursuing a path towards building emotional health.

We bring the many benefits of group coaching.

  • Group coaching is useful to achieve faster results. Here, participants are brought out of their shell and made to interact informally. This breaks the first problem-area of isolation - common among those who continue to suffer internally.
  • Group coaching acts as a safe practice wherein participants learn to express and trust each other. They unknowingly act as support while learning about each other’s problems. It also makes participants realize that they are not alone, and support is always available.
  • Group coaching benefits all as it lays emphasis on questioning as well as listening. The coach, as well as the participants, learn to ask questions, take actions, and listen to each other. They learn to take a step back to view the incidents from a fresh perspective.
  • Members learn to absorb insights from each other. This adds to their wisdom, deepens their awareness, and even gives them an opportunity to support each other.
  • Group coaching is also useful to break barriers between self and with others. With an increase in trust, participants can work towards achieving goals.
  • Group coaching sessions encourage participants to build on their goals, work with each other, and make an action plan. All this is done as a collaborative effort.
  • Tava-Mitram is that non-judgmental friend who uses group coaching methods and is open to hearing ideas, understanding perspectives and being that support for all problems. This makes it easier for individuals who have no person to share their issues with.
  • One of the most important reasons our coaches believe in the power of group sessions is the magic that group coaching brings! The connections develop beautifully to form a bond that lasts beyond these group coaching sessions. When participants share their experiences and knowledge, there is a great amount of energy generated. At Tava-Mitram, we cannot emphasize enough how these group energies bring the best out of people and gives them a fresh perspective towards life.


We, as a not-for-profit group, purely believe in the power of coaching and have a mission to empower people with their inner strength to rediscover life. Our collective goal is to work on our vision to bring our initiative on the global platform. We are also working on the Stop Bullying campaign to work on building emotionally strong citizens.


If you believe in our goal, we’d like to hear from you. Write to [email protected] you can also lend your support by clicking here to donate now.

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