Rising above Uncertainty: How do you stay Mentally Healthy?

Mental health is crucial during the uncertain phase


Succeeding in uncertainty is a battle of the mind. The coronavirus pandemic has raised uncertainty levels to a great high with mental health crumbling all over. Uncertainty and stress are going hand-in-hand and managing one’s emotions is the need of the hour.

With job openings on hold, layoffs being announced, travel plans being canceled, and socializing without worry being a distant dream, it’s important to make mental health a priority for all. Yes, these are uncertain times, and no amount of attempts are going to change your current situation (at least for the time being). The more you think, the more your mind will be muddled and fraught with worry.

This is why mental health should be a concern for you to move through this uncertain phase with greater clarity.

The Coronavirus stress can affect you in many ways without you even noticing it. Raising your awareness towards mental and physical changes will work towards making your ride over this wave of uncertainty a little easy and with greater conviction in self.

What is Uncertainty?
Uncertainty is defined as doubting a possible outcome or feeling uncertain about something. Our brain is acclimatized to follow a specific structure. This structure is familiar to us and we are comfortable in this space. This structure allows us a feeling of certainty in life. It can be as simple as following a regular routine at work with fixed responsibilities. We are aware of the outcome and know this is the path.

In the case of uncertainty, the brain’s structure is thrown out of gear. One needs to handle a space where the current situation and its outcome is unknown. There is worry and anxiety that surrounds this uncertain phase - the reptilian brain works and responds from fear in a bid to protect you from this uncertain period. The fear increases levels of anxiety with a focus on the ‘What ifs’ making it difficult to live a peaceful life.


Uncertainty and stress are going hand-in-hand and managing one’s emotions is the need of the hour

The uncertain period may make you feel -
Upset - You have no control over your career, life, and things in general
Stressed out - You have the fear of the virus, there’s mounting pressure
Lethargic - the gyms maybe closed, you have no motivation to exercise
Depressed, lonely - Social distancing isn’t helping, you crave to connect
Tired - You are running the house and your office/job/duties at the same time

So, how do you stay mentally healthy?

1. Learn to value yourself

In these uncertain times, it is easy to forget all the things that make you - YOU, and what you are capable of. Treat this time as a reminder to be good to yourself - indulge in all the things you can do to make yourself feel valued. Write down things that bring your focus on the good things while avoiding self-critical thoughts. Learn new hobbies, discover old ones, learn lessons online, upgrade your skills. Do one thing that reminds you of your worth and adds more value to life. Avoid sinking into deep contemplation that inclines on the negative side. Practice awareness to notice mood swings for succeeding in uncertainty.

2. Practice gratitude

The act of practicing gratitude regularly lowers stress levels while filling your mind with a greater sense of well-being. You may pray or journal your thoughts. Do what’s comfortable for you. There’s no fixed rule to express gratitude. What’s necessary is to be grateful throughout the day, or when you wake up or before going to bed. The coronavirus pandemic has increased attention to the need to express gratitude for all the things we are thankful for. This activity makes you feel blessed while filling your mind with love and peace.

3. Surrender your fears

The coronavirus pandemic and social isolation make you mull over the same things again and again. In such moments, take time off to meditate, pray, or sit quietly with yourself. Connect with God, the Universe, or energy (if that suits you) and begin to surrender your fears. Know that you cannot control things around you but also be aware you cannot hold the fear within anymore (doesn’t serve any purpose!). The fear you are holding onto is only causing you anxiety. Once you let it loose, you make space for better thoughts in your mind to focus again in life.

Knowledge is power

4. Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness as a concept has gained attention worldwide. The practice of using your breath to bring attention to the present moment has multiple benefits in store. Most importantly, you train your mind to focus on the present moment without worrying about the past and future. You need to practice mindfulness consistently and with the dedication to manage your emotions throughout the day. When you learn to think before you respond, your emotions begin to get regulated better while giving you the much-needed space you need to give yourself.
The good news is - you can learn mindfulness online here.

5. Empower yourself with knowledge

Knowledge is power, and we at Tava-Mitram aim to spread awareness around mental health for the same purpose. When you empower yourself with techniques that teach you about mental health, you are able to manage your problems through a logical approach. Knowledge around depression, stress-management, building self-confidence, reducing worry, and more work towards raising your awareness while making you present in your journey of stress. This allows you to manage your own emotions without allowing your mind to be weighed down with the current situation.

We, at Tava-Mitram, support the cause of raising self-awareness through an Adult-learning process. This is why we have launched the “My Mental Health, My Priority” campaign to ensure our teachings reach people from every walk of life.
Most importantly - this knowledge is free for all. All you need to do is register and launch the series at your own time.

This is a 12-video series that explores subjects of mental health in an easy-to-understand format for managing one’s emotions. You also earn a badge on the completion of this free certification program.

Is your mental health a priority for you? Do you feel the need to manage your own emotions for a better life? Join the “My Mental Health, My Prioritycampaign. You can also register for Tava-Mitram’s online and offline session to connect, share your issues, and build a deeper connection with yourself. We offer free group coaching sessions.

Come, rise above the wave of uncertainty and stress with a stronger conviction in self. Make your mental health a priority for you.

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