Shalaka Tambe

Mitra Coach

Shalaka is an experienced Professional in the field of Coaching and Training, with a drive to motivate people to achieve their true potential. She is passionate about working with the Young Generations and to empower them to deal with continuous change and disruptions by supporting them in Self-Development and Self- Transformation.

About Me

As a Life Coach, she consults with her clients, enabling them to elevate their focus on Self-Realization to lead a fulfilling and enriching life. As a Millennial Coach she works regularly with the Millennials through her Coaching and Training Programs, inspiring them to align their personal values with professional values and live a balanced, content and purposeful life.

She works with organizations on Coaching Programs, Skill development and with Educational Institutes for her Research Work.

My Purpose

My core purpose is, through Coaching and Mentoring supporting individuals in their Self-Development and Self-Transformation. To Inspire and Empower Individuals to Imagine, Build and Experience enriching Lives. Our lives are enriched when we are in deep harmony with ourselves and our environment. When our Values, Beliefs and Choices are in alignment, then we experience harmony, which leads to peace, joy and meaning in everything we do.

Tavamitram for Me

We all want to experience peace and joy in our lives, we all want to experience meaningful relationships with self and others. However, in the world where change is becoming the norm, the challenge of coping with continuous change can be daunting. Through all the ups and downs in the life, there are times when everyone feels, overwhelmed and exhausted trying to cope with different challenges and difficulties. At such a point, we all need someone who can supports us in dealing with the emotional and mental turmoil that we experience. We need a place where we can share our thoughts, feelings, our struggles, where we are heard. A place where we can find ways to overcome the challenges.

Tavamitram for me is that place where individuals can reach out for such a support. It is a place where one can heal themselves and find true happiness. A platform where you can find someone to talk to, someone who is like a friend, who will help you get through the challenges, and experience peaceful life. At Tavamitram you will find such Mentor Coaches who will be your Friend, your “Mitra”.

So come join us, and together let us build Supportive and Happier Communities!

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