Apoorv Vikas

Mitra Coach

Apoorv Vikas is a learner of life and a practitioner of hypnotism. Established in Pune and PCMC area, he helps his clients to explore, adapt, achieve what they desire and find peace in life. He specializes in adult issues, relationships, personal issues, self development, personality improvement and emotional problems.

About Apoorv Vikas

Apoorv is solely here to listen to you without judgment or criticism. He is here to give you your space; and explore that space along with you. You can share. Expand. See. Search. Test. Lay it all out in front of yourself. And uncover what’s been hidden in you, so that you may use it for your progress.

Apoorv believes there isn’t any right way or correct way of living life. He believes human race cannot be subjected to a standard or “perfected” way of life. And there is no need for such either. There can be abundance and riches of resources if only we agree to see we can co-exist along with our differences. With ourselves and with each other. Come. He awaits you.

My Journey

Aware of my orientation toward understanding and exploring people, listening to the said and the unsaid, I joined a course in counseling in Sakal International Learning Center, back in August 15, where I met Dr. Paras.

On his initiative, our group agreed to communicate on first-name-basis, with no implied one-upmanship. The notion resonated with me!

I learned and understood a lot in those five days. About myself and the field that interested me. It aided me for my hunt for betterment. It’s a journey where each milestone brings a new level of learning; and the beauty is, these milestones are infinite! Being on this journey is basically about sharing with people what you learn about being human.

I’ve also been a part of an advanced course with Dr. Paras, for further understandings in counseling, Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy and basics of Transactional Analysis.

I connected with Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital, Pune, on honorary basis, to help people there out for their issues; to advance my understanding through practice. A good way, in my opinion, to understand anything is to actually do it. I also started my own practice about the same time.

Today, I’m a Tava Mitram mentor; and loving it!

Tava Mitram & Me

“Help” is a beautiful word!

It’s about love. Faith. Positivity. Bondage. Constructiveness. Possibility of success, amplified.

And there is evolution in it. How?

When we agree to help, we aren’t in it just because we can help; but because we want to. It’s a consciously taken decision. It’s about agreed participation for progress. There is no superiority that “I” have in contrast to an inferiority that “you” have; no. We help because we can connect with each other’s best and join it together. It’s about unifying two positive streams. The experience evolves both people.

It is an agreement to grow and develop – together.

That’s what Tava Mitram is for me.

An opportunity to transcend limits and evolve. With you.

I’m here to see.

See what we, humans, can be. What more we can do. What better we can achieve.

Through unified efforts. Mine, and yours.

I want to connect with you. Talk with you. Listen to you. Share. And if possible, I want the two of us to do something so splendid that when we part ways, preferably with smiling faces, ideally there can be serenity and peace and hope in our minds.

Yes. I am a Tava Mitram mentor; because I want to be exactly that:

“Your friend”.

Would you like to rediscover yourself ?

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